Saturday, November 15, 2008

Asides - The Alphabet Meme

So...Here I was ready to put up a fashion post on Marian Marsh, when lo and behold, I was tagged by The Self Styled Siren to participate in a meme. The Siren herself was tagged by Cinema Viewfinder's Tony Dayoub, who it seems was first tagged by this meme's originator at Blog Cabins.

The rules are simple - an alphabetical listing of films from A-Z. This is also an impossible task as far as I was concerned, because I immediately felt guilty about films that wouldn't make the list. How could I list Rififi and not Rashomon, or Casablanca and not Cinema Paradiso. Well, I came up with my own less guilt ridden approach that narrowed itself to two criteria. First, in keeping with this blog's primary theme of actresses of the 30's, I decided all the films would have to come from that decade. Secondly, I would have to have a copy of each film. Using those parameters, a perfect score would be 52, and I came up just one short. All the films are from the 30's (26 points) and I have all but one, X Marks The Spot (25 points). I do have the 1942 version of X Marks The Spot with a nineteen year old Anne Jeffreys. You can have it to if you go to

I would like to thank the Siren, who thought to include me in the meme. If for some reason you are not aware of the Siren's blog, you will only want to visit if you are interested in insightful, in-depth, witty, and well written film criticism and commentary.

Adventure In Manhattan 1936
Baby Face 1933
City Streets 1931
Dancing Lady 1933
Employees Entrance 1933
Flesh 1932
Gay Divorcee 1934
Half Naked Truth 1932
I Am Suzanne 1933
Jewel Robbery 1932
Kept Husbands 1931
Ladies They Talk About 1933
Madam Satan 1930
Night Court 1932
Old Dark House, The 1932
Parachute Jumper 1933
Queen Christina 1933
Reckless 1935
Safe in Hell 1931
They Call It Sin 1932
Undersea Kingdom 1936
Vampire Bat 1933
Waterloo Bridge 1931
X Marks The Spot 1931
You Can't Take It with You 1938
Zorro Rides Again 1937
All U.S. releases

Oh yes, one more rule. The "he/she who is tagged" is supposed to tag five more folks to join the meme. The problem is, those I would have tagged have already been tagged. So if you want to join in, please do so, on your blog, comments here, or though Self Styled Siren or Blog Cabins.

Oh, and trust me, not all the films in my list are "required" viewing.


Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

Well, if "Zorro Rides Again" isn't required viewing, I don't know what is.

Fun list.

Operator_99 said...

Ha, well that was true it this household a few years back when we got on a serial kick. We watched about 120 serials over the course of a few years. A chapter a night is a great way to put you to sleep :-)

artistvermont said...

Seems the people who visit the Siren blog agree with The Siren herself that your list was impressive indeed. I decided to try my hand at it. Since I love musicals it seemed logical to see if I could make an A to Z of those that I have seen and, choosing within each letter, those I enjoyed the most. Then I decided to make the list based on the 1940 s and 50s.
My A - Z list of favorite movie musicals 1940’s & 1950’s

Anything Goes 1956
Brigadoon 1954
Cover Girl 1944
Daddy Longlegs 1955
Easter Parade 1948
The Five Pennies 1959
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1953
Holiday Inn 1942
Inspector General 1949
Joker is Wild 1957
Kiss Me Kate 1953
Lullaby of Broadway 1951
Meet Me In Saint Louis 1945
Night and Day 1946
On the Town 1949
Pal Joey 1957
Royal Wedding 1951
Some Like It Hot 1959
There’s No Business Like Show Business 1954
Up In Arms 1944
Vagabond King 1956
With A Song in My Heart 1952
Young At Heart, 1954
Ziegfeld’s Follies, 1946

Total 24

I couldn’t fit these favorites in…..

Hans Christian Anderson 1952
King and I, 1956
White Christmas 1953

Fantasia 1942.…..this one is in a class of its own….I greatly admire the superior artistic accomplishment for that era but I can’t watch the entire film without falling asleep.

Wonder if there is a Q and/or X musical made after the 50's?